Example 40/60 Flowering Scenario

70 Days
28 Stretch Days Image 42 Fatten Days
The example formulas shown below use this 70 day flowering scenario.
Replace the days used in the examples with the days for your variety.



If you know the Duration of the Stretch....
.... but want to know how many more days until harvest.
1.5 x 28 days = 42 days from the end of the stretch to harvest.
.... but want to know the length of the entire flowering cycle (Days Spent Flowering).
2.5 x 28 days = 70 days from induction to harvest.
If you know the Days Spent Flowering....
.... but want to estimate when the stretch phase will end, or how long it will last.
40% x 70 days = 28 days is the duration of the stretch.
.... but want to know how long the fatten phase will last.
60% x 70 days = 42 days is the duration of the fatten phase.


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