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Cannastats is a technical reference for the advanced indoor Cannabis cultivator. Here you will find some unique information and tools not normally found in other Cannabis resources. Our mission is to put to rest some of the long debated issues surrounding Cannabis cultivation while at the same time offering insights into its needs, behavior, and production indoors.


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Cannabis Resources


Indoor Yield-O-Rama

The NEW Indoor Yield-O-Rama

- A Definitive Guide to the Key Influences on Indoor Cannabis Yields -
Space/Light/Yield Calculators - Planning Tools
Database analysis of more than 150 indoor crops

Nutrient Profiles for Cannabis

Nutrient Profiles for Cannabis

The Language Spoken by Nutrient Solutions
Recommended Profile - Published Profiles
GH Flora Mixes - 8M-16B-0G Formula
Nutrient Profile Calculator

The 40/60 Phenomena

The 40/60 Phenomena

New strain getting the best of you?
Avoid running out of headroom
Forecast harvest date - 40/60 Calculator

Low Maintenance Mothering

Low Maintenance Mothering

Stasis Photoperiod - Selective Lighting

Screen Of Green

Screen Of Green (ScrOG)

The Concept
ScrOG-O-Rama Download
Other ScrOG Resources

Ebb/Flow Tips

Ebb/Flow Tips

Pointers for using an ebb/flow system
Benchmark your irrigation frequency



Hydroponic Resources


Nutrient Solution Management and Longevity

Useful Life - Maintaining the Volume - Reservoir Sizing
Time & Uptake Based Management Strategies


Alternative EC/TDS Standards for GH Flora Series Nutrients

Metering GH Flora Nutrient Solutions - TDS/EC Conversion Calculator
For those times when you question your meter's reading


Cleaning & Sterilizing Reusable Growing Media



Guaranteed Analyses for about 50 fertilizer products


Tracking Changes in Nutrient Solutions

Predicting pH/TDS/EC
Control Track Software


Cloning with rockwool cubes

Rooting Chamber
Cloning Technique


H2O2 Uses and Dilutions

Plant Related Applications


pH and Nutrient Availability

A Collection of Charts



Safely using ebb/flow with a Phototron
no-leak-threat ebb/flow construction


Simple Ebb/Flow Hydro System Construction

For do-it-yourselfers interested in constructing their first active
hydroponic system. Emphasis is put on no-leak-threat construction
by eliminating the need to drill holes in the bottoms of containers.


Soil or Hydro

? Advantages - Disadvantages ?


Liquid Conversions

A table of common liquid measures


Other Resources



Handy tools


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