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Examples Of Dead Spaces

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For single HID lamp gardens in a dead space, the canopy perimeter shape would be the same shape as the footprint from the light's reflector.  This is usually a square shape for conventional enclosed fixtures, or a circular shape for parabolic fixtures or when no fixture is used at all. Here are some illustrations for dead spaces using one lamp.

The formula for finding the area of a circle is R2pi (multiply the square of the radius by 3.14).

About the Illustrations
Illustrations are overhead views for some of the ways grow spaces can be configured, and how the canopy space perimeter (outlined in red) would be determined for a YOR contribution.  The green shapes are matured flowering plant growth.  It should be noted that plant containers too can be static or movable depending on the grower's situation, but for explanatory reasons plant placement is not considered in the illustrations.  A white background indicates space receiving reflected light, a light-managed bordered space.  A black background indicates space receiving no reflected light, dead space.


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