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GRAMS DRYWT (required field)
Dry Weight in Grams (per square foot of canopy), and the method used to determine that weight.

Dry weight is considered to be 25% of the fresh weight. If all you have is fresh weight use 1/4 of that figure, or multiply by .25 to get dry weight. Once you have the dry weight total, divide it by the canopy square footage (as calculated above) to arrive at the dry weight per square foot of canopy. If you weigh ounces, multiply that figure by 28.4 to get grams.

Although dry weight is easier to relate to for most people, fresh weight is a more accurate measure of yield because it doesn't vary with the degree of dryness or personal preferences of the grower. If your dry weight was "calculated from fresh weight", please add the suffix "c" after the GRAMS DRYWT figure. Likewise, add a "d" if it was weighed dry. This will earmark entries for those wishing to use "actual" fresh or dry weights for their analysis. In all cases the figure shown will still be the DRY weight, either real or calculated. The suffix simply shows which entries were calculated as opposed to actual. As of Feb 1999 this info is required.

For those wishing to extrapolate fresh weight from calculated dry weight, simply multiply the calculated dry weight by 4.

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