Indoor Yield-O-RamaField Information

HVST (harvest) (required field)
Qualify your reported weight as:

MAN = Manicured buds (only high quality top colas & buds after non-resinous leaves, petioles, and other low quality plant parts have been removed)

RAW = Raw buds (high quality top colas & buds including the leaves and plant parts removed from them during manicuring)

LEF = Leaves only (all leaves of a reasonable size, including those removed from colas & buds during manicuring)

ALL = The entire harvest of non-woody plant parts. Includes all the above plus any undergrowth, immature buds, and atrophied buds.

NOTE:The only weighed woody material is that considered to be an integral part of top colas and other buds, that is the section of stem remaining at their center which provides them with body and form. At the very least try to supply manicured bud weight, this is what most of us really want to know. The other weight qualifiers can be included in your contribution via supplemental entries, and though they require some time and forethought the data supplies a wealth of information.


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