Indoor Yield-O-RamaField Information

WATTS/LIGHTING (required field)
Wattage (per square foot of canopy) & light type. Add the watts rating of all your bulbs used during flowering, then divide that figure by the square feet of canopy. That's your watts per square foot.

Frequency Distribution Chart

Frequency Distribution Chart




Include the type(s) of lights used
HPS = High Pressure Sodium
MH = Metal Halide
MV = Mercury Vapor
FLOR = Fluorescent

Indicator characters for light types
+ = Multiple top lighting types
/ = Side lighting prefix
\ = Phototron additional light prefix
* = Light mover suffix
! = Sequential lighting suffix
T = Phototron suffix




If a combination of different types are used for top lighting use a + (plus character) between each in the list. eg: HPS+MH

When side lighting is used to augment top lighting it will follow the other light types in the list separated by a / (slash character). eg: HPS+MH/FLOR

Sidelight "only" gardens will have the entire light type entry prefixed with a / (slash character). eg: /FLOR

If a light mover was employed add an asterisk after the light type(s). eg: HPS+MH*/FLOR

Sequential Lighting is used occasionally, and will be indicated by an exclamation character "!" following the light type. This means that lights other than those shown in the entry were used briefly to either initiate flowering, or as a transition buffer to prepare plants for the lights to be used for the majority of the flowering time. They could have been of a different type and wattage. In all cases, the light types and watts/sq ft listed in the entry were the primary lights used to bring the crop to harvest. (NOTE: If a light other than the primary flowering light was used during early flowering, and you know for how many days, it would be helpful if you could include that info. See the NOTE at the bottom of the Avail Lumens instructions for some related info.

Special Phototron Users Note: /FLOR is the default phototron lighting configuration and should be used for all Trons. When other lights are used to augment the Tron's default (whether thru the top or sides of the unit), that light type will follow the default and be prefixed with a \ backslash character. In all cases, Tron light type will end with a space then "T" to indicate the unit was a Tron.

/FLOR T indicates a standard Tron lighting configuration.
/FLOR\FLOR T indicates additional fluoros were used with a Tron.


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