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At the bottom of most pages in this web site is thisImage graphic which takes you back to the previous web page when clicked. It will not work when Java Script is disabled. Use your browser's Back button instead.

As mentioned above, some links look like this when the mouse is rolled over them. With Java Script disabled, clicking the link will open it as another browser page (instead of a pop-up window), use your browser's Back button to return to the previous page.

On some pages you will be asked to roll the mouse over an object in order to make another object appear on the same page. With Java Script disabled nothing will happen. However, clicking on the object instead of rolling the mouse over it will produce the other object, but it will be opened in a new page instead of being viewed on the same page.

The calculators in this site use client-side scripts and must have Java Script enabled in order to function. However, if you're paranoid about servers and IP address logging, you can run the calculators off-line. Save the web page to disk using your browser's File/Save-As menu option. Later, when you're no longer connected to the Internet, you can temporarily enable Java Script in your browser, open the saved file, and use the calculator off-line. NOTE: Some anonymizing proxy services automatically block or disable Java Script code in the page they serve to your computer. Files saved from such a service will still retain the disabled code, the calculator would not work off-line even if Java Script was enabled in the browser.


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