Indoor Yield-O-Rama

Original and Created Fields and Variables


Significant Original YOR Database Fields
(and fields with variables of significance)

Available Lumens

Light Type


Medium Type

Primary Medium or Soil Mix

Primary Nutrient Formula (fertilizer)

Irrigation Method


CO2 Enrichment and/or Active Venting

Primary and Secondary Limiting Factors

Sequence Number

Grams Dry Weight (see defaults)

Harvest Type (see defaults)

Hours (see defaults)

Variety (see defaults)

For details discovered during the analysis see the correlations on the next page. For other fields and brief explanations, see some of the custom fields or variables created during the project.


ImageMoon Doggie's Analyses


Introduction and Results of the Model


Original & Created Fields and Variables

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Correlations (analyses of field variables)


Final Analysis & Conclusions


Statistical Glossary

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