Indoor Yield-O-Rama

Analysis of Irrigation Methods

As we did before for some of the other original YOR fields, here we create a series of Irrigation Method dummy variables to represent the original single YOR Irrigation Method field. Here we see that the only significant positive correlations are for "Ebb/Flow, subirrigation" and "Top Feed, flow (constant)." Notice that the aeroponic method, which is known from extensive scientific research to be a very superior irrigation method, is conspicuously absent from these analyses. This is because there were too few reports that used the aeroponic method to provide a statistically stable sample.

So, just because something doesn't appear here, or else does appear here but doesn't have a statistically significant correlation, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a bad irrigation method. It may mean that the sample of grow reports using that method is simply too small to allow us to draw any firm conclusions. This points out a limitation of the data we are working with. If we had a thousand, or at least a few hundred, reports instead of only about 150-160, we could draw firmer conclusions. But we try to do the best we can with what we have. Maybe someday in the future the YOR database will be large enough (several hundred records?) to warrant an updated, and even more definitive, analysis.

Cypher 1 - Irrigation Method
Correlation Significance
E-Ebb/Flow, subirrigation
.213** .008
F-Ebb/Flow, top feed
.113 .164
G-Ebb/Flow, constant feed
-.150 .064
.124 .126
M-Manual, top feed hand
-.158 .051
N-Manual, other
-.094 .249
O-Passive, aerated whirlpool (water pump or power head)
.013 .870
P-Passive, aerated (air pump) (also known as a bubbler)
.008 .921
T-Top Feed, drip
-.043 .601
U-Top Feed, flow
.114 .161
V-Top Feed, flow (constant)
.166* .040
W-Active, non-recycling
.038 .639
X-Active, non-draining
-.140 .085
_-Not Available
-.148 .069

** Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level
* Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level
Number of records=153


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