The hours of light plants received each day during the phase. Please change defaults as needed. Photoperiod information is used for calculating energy efficiency.

Crop Cycle & Phase Durations
The crop cycle is the number of consecutive calendar days it takes for a grow room operation to turnover one complete crop. As many as three growth phases can contribute to the crop's cycle time depending on the grow room arrangement.

The vegetative and propagation phases can, at the grower's discretion, be performed with flowering facilities or in remote areas.

The flower phase is the default duration of the crop cycle - a baseline drawn from a phase, time frame and facilities every indoor cannabis garden shares in common. When flowering facilities are also used for vegetative and/or propagation phases, and the durations entered below, each will be added to the baseline and thus lengthen the crop cycle. However, remote areas are more commonly used for one or both of these phases. Please see the Vegetative and Propagation links for more on using the Remote Area option checkbox.