About Maxi-ToolTips
Maxi-ToolTips will appear either under or over a hyperlink depending on where the link is located on your screen.

Some supply much more detail than others and require more vertical screen space. If part of a larger ToolTip is hidden from view, you can scroll your page up or down so that the link is placed nearer the top or bottom, or simply click the link to view the tip on its own web page.

For best ToolTip results, first decide which form you will be using - the Entry form or the Results form. Then simply scroll the page so column headings for that form appear at the top of your screen. All ToolTips for that form will then appear in their entirety, under the headings, and next to the associated data being described in the tip.

Recommended minimum screen resolution: 1024x768
(lower resolutions can click the link to view its web page)