Days in Use During Flowering
The days during a crop cycle for which a remote area had been used concurrently with flowering resources.

For most rotational harvest schemes, entering the same number of days that were entered for the flowering phase will usually suffice. In no case should the number of days entered here be greater than the crop cycle Duration (shown in the below results under Crop Cycle Overview). If you filled the form from left to right, the correct figure should be displayed there after pressing the Calculate Results button (if you haven't completed the Phase duration section, be sure to do so before calculating).


Mother areas are perpetual. As such, their resource usage is based on the crop cycle. And because the calculator already knows the crop cycle from other entry points, no data entry for days is required for a mother area. Instead, this convenient unused entry point is being used for the number of mother plants in the area (for risk analysis). Sorry for any confusion this may have caused!