Calendar (annual) Simulations
These items are measures of temporal production, but expressed in terms of the calendar year instead of the crop cycle. By default, calendar simulations produce an Annual-PR brought about by uninterrupted crop cycles, which mandate growing back-to-back crops 365 days a year. Most prudent growers, however, find such a schedule laborious, intrusive or risky, and many often up-scale garden resources just so they can down-scale their work, risk and time involvement growing repeat crops during the year.

Indeed, purposeful growers do grow crops as seldom or as often as their individual needs dictate, and there are as many ways for a clever grower to bend a garden's calendar to suit his own annual schedule as there are ways to bend crop yield to suit his own production needs. This suggests that growers embrace a broad range of both short and long term activity levels, for which each carefully chooses his own balance between scale (CC-PR) and Annual-PR. Having said that, there is no one single way to express annual yield and have it serve the needs of all growers. Serving the needs of only a select few, the default 365-day mandate demands a schedule too intense for most growers to make use of it.

Fortunately, there is an alternative for those wanting annualized information, but who don't need or want to grow crops 365 days a year. Personalized simulations can be run that provide an annual yield of your own choosing but in terms of another garden's temporal performance. It's like using another garden, but to produce at your own annual rate, so you can see at-a-glance how much time & work it would save or cost you.

For more on how this works please see the Annual-PR link below....