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Calc a Guru
(levity at its highest)

For those who've transcended the experience of mere mortals, the Guruvy Meter picks up where the experience level of 10 leaves off. It thinks outside the box, just like real gurus do. If your not here to plan a garden but only to see how your current garden scenario stacks up, and if your average yields surpass those with the highest level of experience, it's likely you've left Goodtown and entered Guruville. The Guruvy Meter was put here just for your amusement. So twist one up, chill out, and find a guru setting for yourself or your favorite guru!

Before selecting a guru setting you should already have a growing scenario selected. The Guruvy Meter adds layers of experience over and above that of #10 and adjusts the yields accordingly. Just make a selection in the Guruvy Meter drop down box, then recalc the Guruvy yield. Find the setting that comes closest to the guru's yield.

Create Your Growing Scenario

For a sample, click this button to for a hydro grower using a 600w HPS and a 400w MH with a light intensity tweaked to fit a 20 square foot space, and whose actual yield was 840 grams. Because the grower using this scenario transcended the 715 gram yield forecasted for experienced growers, and because his actual yield was closest to the 857 grams shown for the #2 Guruvy Meter setting, he's earned the esteemed title of Apprentice Guru.

HPS Lumens

MH Lumens

Light Intensity

Crop Yield
Grams per Square Foot
Grams per kilolumen
Canopy Square Feet
Total Lumens

For amusement purposes only. No wagering please!

ImageCrop Yield
Grams per Square Foot
Grams per kilolumen

Disclaimer: Some guru yields may be physically unattainable on this planet!
But don't let a little thing like that hold you back:-)

The Guru meter setting is relative to how well a particular growing scenario yields, so a guru with a lower yield from one scenario could rank higher than another guru yielding more from a different scenario. The ranking is specific to the scenario and the yield, not just to the yield, so even small scale lightweight growers have a fair chance to out-rank the heavyweights. After all, yield isn't everything, and once you're a guru it's not what you have that counts, but how well you use it!

All this is in fun, of course. Gurus don't really know they're gurus until somebody tells them they're one. Where the grower ends and the guru begins, even gurus don't know. So, whether you're curious or just up for a few laughs, have fun, enjoy the Guruvy Meter, and don't take Gurudom too seriously.


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